YOLO Golf Academy is a golf development academy for golfers of all ages, located at beautiful The Fox Hill Club in Longmont, Colorado.


Get Ready For Summer

4 Lesson Package

Every person is different, every golf swing is different. These are two obvious statements.  So why would you try to fix your game by copying a tip or technique from a golf pro or golf writer that has never seen you swing a golf club?  Understanding how YOUR body functions and does or does not move is critical to understanding how you produce power and mobility.  

As a starter for the upcoming summer season, this package includes 4 one hour long lessons and will include a Titleist Performance Institute body screen.  This screen is completely hands off and not physically taxing, it simply tests your body's mobility, flexibility, and stability.  Using K-Vest, Boditrak, and Trackman the signature of your swing is captured and a baseline of your game is recorded.  We will then work to create a program to improve your overall game.


4 one hour lessons for $350

YOLO Golf Academy

We have on going classes for all ages and individual instruction and will be offering programs throughout the year.  

Indoor Instruction room with Trackman, K-Vest and Boditrak.  Outdoor hitting bay and full range.

We believe the best approach to being a successful golfer is one that embodies both the physical game as well as the mental game. When working with a student, the goal is to help them reach their goals in as few steps as possible. 

Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.
— Arnold Palmer

Teaching Philosophy


YOLO Golf Academy's golf philosophy replaces the triangle style of development with a much more detailed and comprehensive approach that mirrors the TPI approach.

Instruction is now broken down into six distinct categories.

  1. Basic Instruction: Grip, stance, alignment, swing fundamentals, ball position, etc.
  2. Advanced Instruction / Shot Making Skills: Short game, specialty shots, trajectories, etc.
  3. Course Management: How to play each course, set make ups, game plans, etc.
  4. Mental / Emotional: How to handle the mental stress placed on great players.
  5. Equipment: Making sure the golfer is fit properly and has the appropriate set make up.
  6. Physical Conditioning: Physical Conditioning includes improving aspects of the body that can affect performance.

Customize your golf instruction

Individual Lessons

  • One on one personal instruction at your pace
  • Multiple individual lesson packages 

Junior Golf Academy

  • FUNdamentals 5-8 year olds
  • Train "The Wave" 9-12 years old
  • Elite Players 13+ years old

Group and Playing Lessons

  • Group Classes are available for any level, minimum 4 per class
  • Playing lessons are available on request

Current Programs

  • Get Ready for Summer Programs