YOLO Golf Academy is a golf development academy for golfers of all ages

YOLO Golf Academy

We have on going classes for all ages and individual instruction and will be offering programs throughout the year.  

Indoor Instruction room with Trackman, K-Vest and Boditrak, and full grass range and short game area.

We believe the best approach to being a successful golfer is one that embodies both the physical game as well as the mental game. When working with a student, the goal is to help them reach their goals in as few steps as possible. 

Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.
— Arnold Palmer

Teaching Philosophy

YOLO Golf Academy's golf philosophy replaces the triangle style of development with a much more detailed and comprehensive approach that mirrors the TPI approach.

Instruction is now broken down into six distinct categories.

  1. Basic Instruction: Grip, stance, alignment, swing fundamentals, ball position, etc.

  2. Advanced Instruction / Shot Making Skills: Short game, specialty shots, trajectories, etc.

  3. Course Management: How to play each course, set make ups, game plans, etc.

  4. Mental / Emotional: How to handle the mental stress placed on great players.

  5. Equipment: Making sure the golfer is fit properly and has the appropriate set make up.

  6. Physical Conditioning: Physical Conditioning includes improving aspects of the body that can affect performance.


Customize your golf instruction

Individual Lessons

  • One on one personal instruction at your pace

  • Multiple individual lesson packages options available

Junior Golf Academy

  • FUNdamentals 5-8 year olds

  • Learn to Play “SMASH” 9-11

  • Train to play "Wave" 12-14 years old

  • Elite Players 15+ years old

Group and Playing Lessons

  • Group Classes are available for any level, minimum 2 per class

  • Playing lessons are available on request

Current Programs

  • Upcoming Starting in March, Spring Term for TPI Juniors